What is Seanol?

The Ultimate Polyphenol that Boosts Natural Healing.

The ONLY FDA Authorized Ecklonia Cava Polyphenol Extract.


Optimizes Cellular health for Enhanced Quality of Life.

Our body was born with a capability to defend itself from environmental risk factors and heal damages from them. However, as the daily stress from dietary, environmental, and lifestyle risk factors exceed the extent that our body can handle, the accumulated risk factors lead to cellular stresses which is translated into problems in various aspects of our health: metabolism, cardiovascular system, immune system, brain, joint, skin, etc.

Essentially, the cellular stresses are the outcome of the complex interactions among the three physiological risk factors: free radicals, inflammation and circulatory problems. Only by eliminating all the three risk factors, our body can fully reclaim its inherent natural healing ability and enjoy every quality of life.

SEANOL provides an unprecedented spectrum of health benefits including potent antioxidant, healthy inflammatory and circulatory properties to effectively boost natural healing mechanism of our body, which in turn supports every aspect of health, beauty and youth.

By boosting natural healing mechanism of our body, SEANOL supports every aspect of health, beauty and youth.