Function of SEANOL

Enhance Quality of Life, Beauty, and Youth through the Most Potent Ingredient that Boosts Natural Healing.


Cellular Health is the foundation of your Health, Beauty and Youth.

A healthy body is made of trillions of healthy cells which are in an unbelievable harmony with each other. Therefore the ultimate condition for our health is a combination of healthily functioning individual cells (intracellular health), and healthy relationships between them (inter-cellular health). Overall, we can say that the foundation of our health, beauty and youth is the "Cellular Health".


Cellular Health is Maintained by Your Inherent Natural Healing Ability.

Everyday, billions of cells die, and a few more billions are newly generated to maintain a healthy body. This process of maintaining the cellular health is made possible through our inherent natural healing ability.


Accumulation of Daily Stresses Exceeding the Natural Healing Ability Leads to Cellular Stress.

However, as daily stresses arising from dietary, environmental, and lifestyle risk factors exceeds the natural healing ability, the accumulated risk factors lead to "Cellular Stress" which is translated into problems in various aspects of our health: metabolism, cardiovascular system, immune system, brain, joint, skin, etc. This process is accelerated by the vicious cycle created by chronic inflammation, oxidative stress and circulatory dysfunction. The "Cellular Stress", unless properly released, destroys the normal metabolism and accelerates the aging process, eventually manifesting various chronic and degenerative diseases.


Seanol Boosts the Natural Healing Power to Optimize the Cellular Health.

In many clinical studies, as well as in daily experiences by the people worldwide, Seanol has been demonstrated to provide unprecedented benefits in various aspects of health and beauty, and in a truly "healing" fashion. Based on numerous scientific studies conducted by researchers around the world, the healing and restoring effects of Seanol have been proposed to be a product of the synergy created by its unique spectrum of health-maintaining benefits, including pro-circulatory, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.